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Sunwize Energy Systems

As a pioneer and leader in the renewable energy industry. Sunwize is positioned to provide the best solutions for grid connected solar power systems. Our expertise in solar photovoltaic technologies insures you green and sustainable energy harnessed through a combination of quality products and proved engineering.

Renewable Energy Technologies Offer Following Benefits :

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Solar Lighting / Power System

The system comprises of a solar photovoltaic module, charge controller, battery and lighting system. These systems are designed typically to give a daily working of 2-4 hours with a fully charged battery.


Domestic / Home Lighting | Street And Garden Lighting | Theater / Hall / Common Space Lighting | Commercial/Industrial Lighting/Telecom/Cathodic Protection | Railways Signaling And Communication | Hospital Lights | Off-Shore Platform

Solar Thermal System

Solar thermal systems absorb solar radiations and convert into useful form of heat energy. System are available in ranges 100-500 LPD for domestic and 750-10,000 LPD for industrial purpose. Any other customized capacity systems can be supplied.


Residences / Apartments | Hotels / Canteens | Dairies | Process Industries / Textile Industries | Schools / College | Hospitals

Solar Hybrid System

These 'hybrid' systems provide improved reliability form the power supply. When the power from the wind turbine is not sufficient to operate the load, the alternate energy source comes on-line. The alternate source is used far less frequently in a hybrid system than if the wind system were not present. Solar-wind systems complement generation.


Villages with no Grid Supply | Various Industries | Remote Sites Such As Rural BTS